"One of the most original and refreshing bands on the Essex scene..."

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The Lamplight Club are a powerful six piece act from Essex, UK. Their music is rooted in folk blues, country and Americana with strong elements of 60s garage, electronica and dark alternative rock running throughout. The Lamplight sound centres around powerful vocals with multilayered harmonies, poetic lyrics, strong hooks and heavy grooves.

A band with multiple songwriters: Lamplight have been likened by their audience to diverse acts including Nick Cave, The Doors, Radiohead, The Dead Weather and Calexico. The "Wall of Sound" vocal harmonies are frequently compared to The Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac.

The Lamplight Club are now an established and popular live act within the region and have been very active during the last year, playing many shows (including a support billing with 80's legends, Big Country), appearing on Actual Radio, CCR and CKUA Canada, festival appearances and charity events. The band will be booking dates further afield and look to increase their range and reach during 2020 and beyond.

In 2019 The Lamplight Club released their debut EP. The Boathouse Sessions. The band is also developing a further stream of self-recorded/mixed material under the banner of 'The Pioneer Project', with the first release scheduled in January 2020.

During 2020 The Lamplight Club will be releasing outputs from their second studio foray, commencing with Blackwater Kisses in May.


"...intense harmony driven blues that pull on the full emotional range of the audience."
"This well-put-together team of fine musicians make for great music..."
"" .... like a folk song performed by Pink Floyd ..."
- CCR Radio Chemlsford 104.4FM (wrt Blackwater Kisses)
"" .... the band' sound is dense and organic ... reminds me of Jeff Buckley ..."
- Mic Drop (https://www.facebook.com/MicDropHQ)


" Great set 27th Dec at Coda, been following the band since Prettyfields. My Christmas wish would have been for so much more of you guys that night, few bands get me dancing!."
- (via Facebook Page)
"Supporting Big Country . what a brilliant start to the evening . very impressive. would gladly go to a Lamplight club gig . set the atmosphere for the whole evening"
- (via Facebook Page)