"One of the most original and refreshing bands on the Essex scene..."

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The Lamplight Club is a creation born of restless minds and idle hands. Compelled to make intriguing songs with depth, emotion and grit; they forge timeless soundscapes with roots in rock, folk and blues. Painstakingly writing lush arrangements that verge on gospel, with 6 part harmonies and engaging, raucous performances, the band span genres and never stay still too long.

Meeting in dark venues, and nights too long for fresh eyed mornings, the Lamplight club decided to make ‘after dark’ music that simultaneously soothes and disquiets. In the same way they met, they find splashes of light amid the grime of daily life. This is where they play. We don’t live in easy times. Their songs both highlight this and paint colours in the cracks.

Playing increasingly larger venues, to a growing audience in their first full year, The Lamplight Club spent the Summer of 2018 playing local festivals and are now releasing their first singles. They are set to rapidly continue that progress in 2019 and beyond.


"...intense harmony driven blues that pull on the full emotional range of the audience."
"This well-put-together team of fine musicians make for great music..."